Our services

Our services are split up into LOIC WILLEMOT and LOIC WILLEMOT DESIGN STUDIO.

LOIC WILLEMOT creates its own collection, which you can consult on “collection” page. The collection can be bought through this website, or in one of the partnered design stores in Belgium, which you can find on our “sales points” page.

LOIC WILLEMOT DESIGN STUDIO uses its expertise to assist in a wide variety of projects for clients, including but not limited to: Interior architecture, graphic design, textile design and furniture design. Some examples can be found on the “projects” page.

As a service-oriented company, we strive to obtain a genuine dialogue with our clients, and we accompany the client from the beginning of the design conception until the end of its execution. Some of our clients include:

  • Scapa Home
  • Olivier Strelli
  • Stad Kortrijk
  • MMood Furniture
  • Movies Gent
  • Luxus Interieur
  • Fougand
  • Collectors Sportscars
  • Lasa Home Portugal
  • Byttebier Home Textiles
  • Kroades
  • Rita Coppens Ceramics
  • Living +
  • Fusio
  • Salenko
  • Gentse Rijvereniging
  • Bal Van Loppem

Please contact us with any enquiry you may have.